What drives Michael Feggans in his campaign for the Virginia House



October 16, 2023

In Hampton Roads-area House District 97, Democratic challenger Michael Feggans is taking on GOP incumbent Del. Karen Greenhalgh. Greenhalgh has spent her last couple of legislative sessions trying to undermine abortion access in the commonwealth, while Feggans is an Air Force veteran who says that his top issue in the legislature will be reproductive health, followed closely by supporting education.

HD-97 went for Biden 55-42 and for Youngkin 51-48.

Dogwood recently connected with Feggans about what motivates him on and off the campaign trail and what’s on his mind in the waning weeks of the 2023 election.

What’s your closing pitch to voters as to why they should vote for you?

After 20 years of service in the Air Force, I knew the best place to retire from the military and start my next chapter as a tech entrepreneur was back home in Virginia Beach. With the creation of the new 97th House District, I’m stepping forward once again to continue serving the community I love. As a delegate, I will fight to protect reproductive freedom, support public education, help other veterans transition into high-tech career fields, and support common-sense gun safety solutions.

That experience of leading our nation’s best and brightest from a very young age and having the great opportunity to sit at the table to help develop budgets, complete missions, and tackle tough issues helped shape my views on what it means to be a leader. The skills that shaped my views on leadership, service, and commitment have prepared me for public service to Virginia Beach. 

I’m running to serve the residents in Virginia Beach because I believe in its bright future. We have complex challenges ahead and I look forward to serving the city that raised and nurtured me by embracing our diverse and growing population so that Virginia Beach will be seen as a leader in the Commonwealth.

What’s been your favorite part of running for office this year? Least favorite?

My favorite part of running for office has been talking with the next generation of voters who have been inspired by a seasoned millennial like myself to get involved in their communities, to vote, or to run for office themselves.

My least favorite part of running for office is the time away from my family. Even though I experienced it in the Air Force in the form of TDYs [temporary duty travel] and deployments, the time and dedication it takes to run for office can still be difficult. But I know the sacrifice will be worth it to ensure that we can provide comprehensive policy needs to all Virginians.



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