Protecting reproductive freedom and women's rights.

I will fight to safeguard and defend reproductive rights and will vote against any abortion bans. I fully support the idea that the decision to have an abortion should be made between the patient, the people they love, and their medical provider, not legislators in Richmond.

Ensuring our teachers and our public school systems are fully funded so all students have an equal opportunity to receive a world-class education.

As the proud product of Virginia Beach Public Schools and the son of a teacher, I have seen firsthand the impact that educators can make on their students. I will work to ensure smaller class sizes and attract and retain the very best teachers.

Fighting for common sense gun safety measures to keep our communities safe.

As a military veteran and responsible gun owner, I know how dangerous guns can be in the wrong hands. That’s why I support common sense solutions to curb gun violence, including expanding background checks, strengthening Virginia’s “red flag” law, and bolstering safe storage requirements to keep guns out of schools and keep our communities safe.

Protecting our environment and supporting renewable energy jobs to support and combat recurring flooding, and sea level rise, and promote resiliency in coastal Virginia.

I know that clean energy is crucially important in Virginia Beach as we face the impacts of climate change in our coastal region every day and that offshore wind would bring economic and environmental benefits to this region.

Advocating for high-tech transitional skills training for my fellow veterans to pursue quality jobs in the community.

As a small business owner and veteran, I have already worked to provide veterans with the high-tech skills they need to pursue clean energy jobs. As a Delegate, I will continue fighting for my fellow veterans to ensure they have the economic opportunities they deserve.

Supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs to create an economy that helps families and our community thrive.

I’ll fight in Richmond to lower taxes for the middle class, lower the costs of prescription drugs and healthcare, and make housing more affordable. As a small business owner, I have personally felt the sting of rising costs and I know that a strong economy starts on Main Street. I will work to modernize processes and help to combat the issues that hold small businesses back.

Strengthening and expanding efforts to work toward a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive Virginia.

I represent the people who look like me, who have faced discrimination. I know that, together, we can move forward to combat the inequities and create a more inclusive Commonwealth so that our children don’t have to have these same experiences.