Michael Feggans Officially Becomes Democratic Candidate ForNew Virginia House of Delegates District 97

MSgt (Ret.) Michael Feggans has officially become the Democratic candidate for the new Virginia House of Delegates District 97 after filing all candidacy paperwork and collecting the required petition signatures. As Michael was the only candidate to meet the requirements for the June 20th, 2023, Democratic Primary for House District 97, it has been canceled.

After over a year of hard work and dedication to campaigning in Virginia Beach, Michael Feggans has passed the voter petition signatures threshold for candidacy. Official filing with the Virginia Board of Elections was completed last week.

Michael will officially be on the ballot this November 7th in the new Virginia House of Delegates District 97, encompassing the former Virginia Beach precincts of Homestead, Magic Hollow, London Bridge, Independence, and others. Based on demographics and past voter turnout, House District 97 has been deemed the most competitive race in Virginia Beach.

  • As a candidate, Michael looks forward to fighting to defend the interests of his hometown Virginia Beach and his fellow citizens.
  • Defending reproductive rights: Michael will work to ensure the freedoms of people in the Commonwealth of Virginia to have bodily autonomy.
  • Ensuring proper funding for our educators and public school system: Michael will fight to secure funding for our local public school systems and educators to guarantee that every student receives a world-class education and every staff member earns a living wage.
  • Advocating for high-tech transitional skills for veterans: Michael will continue to advocate for high-tech skills training for his fellow veterans to smoothly transition into the civilian workforce with quality jobs and employment.


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