Virginia League of Conservation Voters invests $2 million into state candidates

In what it says is its largest political investment to date, the political action committee for the Virginia chapter of the League of Conservation Voters is giving $2 million to Democratic candidates in competitive state legislature elections… “We need strong environmental leadership now more than ever in Virginia, and we’re all-in to restore the Conservation […]

SiriusXM Progress interview with Michael Feggans

On State of the States, @JoeSudbay is talking to @MikeFeggans Dem candidate for House District 97 in Virginia Beach – one of THE most competitive races this fall (Biden won 55%, Youngkin won 51%)

Virginia House Democratic Caucus Introduces 89-Candidate Slate on Path to the Majority

“At least ten of our candidates have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces, representing the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. These include: Dan Helmer (HD-10), Marcus Simon (HD-13), Joshua Thomas (HD-21), David Reid (HD-28), Marty Martinez (HD-29), Robert Smith (HD-33), Dr. Jarris Taylor (HD-86), Leader Don Scott (HD-88), Jackie Glass (HD-93), and Mike Feggans (HD-97). Leonard Lacey (HD-64) is a thirty-year veteran of the Virginia State Police… At least eight of our candidates are […]

Blue Virginia: The Path to a Democratic House Majority Runs Through VA Beach: Meet HD97 Nominee Michael Feggans

Michael Feggans, the Democratic nominee for House of Delegates District 97 in Virginia Beach, sat down with me by Zoom to tell me about himself and this critically important race that could decide whether Democrats take back the majority in the House. – Cindy Read the full interview here: Can you start by just […]